Review of My New Favorite Pocket Knife: The Zero Tolerance 0200

Sometimes, it is necessary to buy a folding knife. With various types available in the market, buyers need to get the right tool that suits their needs. The Zero Tolerance 0200 is a folding combat knife designed to survive harsh conditions. It comes with a recurve blade that helps in multitasking. It is light in weight and gives optimum performances. The stainless steel blade measures 154cm. Here are some Zero Tolerance 0200 review to get correct before buying.

If you want to learn more about the Zero Tolerance 0200, check this review out:

Steel made

One unique feature about the Zero Tolerance 0200 is the material used in its design. It comes with a154CM of steel blade. This means it is ideal to be used in different cutting jobs without breaking. The stainless steel material used means that incidences or rust effects are minimized. The stainless steel blade is coated using Tungsten DLC coating materials to make it look beautiful and also withstand instances or rust effects.

The blade length measures 9.8cm making it a multipurpose knife used for different jobs. When it comes to carrying knife, it is easier because it folds to 13.3cm. The total weight is 7.7oz. It fits well in your pocket without feeling the weight.


The benefit feature of this knife is seen in its handle. First, the Zero Tolerance 0200 is made of 3D and G10 making it have affirm grip. It offers a stiff grip. The clip is designed using a standard tolerance grip. The clip is flexible because it can be moved in right or left side. The pivot screw on the handle is exposed. This means users can disassemble it on the field easily.

Finish and fitting

The 0200 tolerance military knife is high quality. For example, it comes with several semi recessed screws tightly fitted without play. When the knife is opened, there is no play in positions. When used for long, the knife retains it quality finish. Though the final product is tough for any job, it fits well in your hand and retains the cool finish.


The best feature is the flipper that allows easy opening. This allows a user to use minimum reposition and motion when opening. The flipper is angled nicely making it to be accessed easily using either hand. It also protrudes to flip open.

Different uses

This knife is made specifically for law enforcement agencies. Since it is made of strong materials, it can withstand the harsh environments making it a jack of all trades. It is designed win a recurve blade that allow easy cutting at a great speed. In cases of attack, the blade is easy to open and use for self defense.


Depending on the user, there are different ergonomics perspectives for individuals. However, the tolerance 0200 is executed in a cool design especially for its size. First, the overall shape of this knife is amazing. When the knife is opened, it fits in your hand well. When holding, it is comfortable to handle and feel in your hand. It is basically good for the hardest jobs out there.

This knife is designed to be abused in harsh environments. It is a combat military life big enough for hard jobs.

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